May 2018

After a slow start on the river, which is apparently the same throughout the U.K., things seem to be improving.

I’m pleased to say the Eden is heaving with young trout, to the point where they are rising to every fly you cast out.

Mainly parr, but beautiful little healthy fish that have obviously hatched during the close season.

Fly life has been amazing, we had some wonderful March Browns, it’s a long time since I’ve seen so many, and recently Grannom hatches were blizzard like. The usual Olives are plentiful and the Hawthorns are shortly to make an appearance.

Whilst still out of season, I had a few very nice Grayling on Saturday evening during a splendid hatch of Pale Wateries.

They seem to have spawned well and were in perfect condition the male I caught about 1.5lbs was a beauty.

I don’t take pics of Grayling out of season sorry.

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