1.The Trout Fishing Season will be from the 15th March to 30th September, both dates
2. The use of maggots, corn, bread and such-like baits is strictly prohibited on all
Association Waters.
3. A catch is limited to 2 fish per day, no fish to be taken under 10 inches in length.  It is requested that when possible fish are carefully returned.
4. No spinning is allowed until 1st May.  No worming on Bolton Willows until 1st May.
5. The sale of fish is strictly prohibited.
6. Children of Local Members, under 15 years of age, may fish free of charge provided
they are accompanied by a parent.
7. Members may not be accompanied by dogs.
8. Membership Tickets must be carried and produced by members whenever called upon to do so by an authorised Bailiff or fellow member.  Catches must also be open to inspection upon request.
9. Members are requested to shut all gates, not to damage fences, to use stiles where
provided and to keep to the water’s edge.
10. Maps of Association Water are available from the Hon. Secretary
and Messrs. Pigney.
11. No member may have more than one rod tackled up and in use at any one time.
12. Members must comply with the Bye-laws of the Environment Agency License.
13. All subscriptions to be paid by the 28th February each year.
14. Limited trophies will be awarded for that season.
15. The AGM will be in December at the Tufton Arms Hotel, Appleby.

Tickets must be carried at all times.

Please read and observe Bye-laws.